IGNITE Annual Report 2017-2018 - Page 9

Women aging out of
our programs are eager
to remain engaged with
IGNITE and each other
as they build careers in
the civic and political
arena. That’s why
IGNITE was thrilled to
win a Battery Powered
award to develop
our Alumni Network.
Launched in 2018, over
500 alumni are engaged
in the network and are
participating in training
and networking events
across the country.
Dear Community Members,
As the inaugural Alumni Ambassadors for IGNITE, we wanted to share
what it means to hold a leadership role at an organization that has been
pivotal in shaping our political ambition.
It’s our job to build strong connections between alumni from coast to
coast and ensure they fully leverage the benefits of the network. We
serve as the touchpoint for new members to connect with seasoned
alumni to explore their interests, find opportunities, and dig into their
passions. By facilitating trainings and hosting regional events, we help
local alumni pursue their personal, professional, and political ambitions.
As we lead programs and build community, we also benefit from
membership in the network. From making professional connections to
landing internships and jobs, to finding mentors, the Alumni Network
gives us a leg up in the competitive world of politics.
To accelerate our progress
towards parity, IGNITE is
normalizing political ambition
for young women, telling
them that can and should
own their political power.
And Makes
The Write the Rules campaign, created in partnership with
Pereira & O’Dell, amplifies the gender in balance in politics
by acting out alarming quotes from those who have served
in office. The campaign won a Bronze Lion at the 2018
Cannes International Festival of Creativity. Watch at
Thanks to Pereira & O’Dell and
other high profile partners,
IGNITE continues to elevate our
A highlight for both of us has been developing lifelong friendships with
other accomplished and motivated young women. IGNITE has been a
driving force in our paths towards elected office, and we are want our
peers to leverage those benefits fully.
You’ll see us running for elected office in Sacramento, California
and Arlington, Texas in the near future. IGNITE has given us a solid
foundation in civics, policy analysis, community organizing, what it takes
to represent our constituents, and more. When we run, we know we
can turn to the Alumni Network for support.
For a full list of press, visit IGNITEnational.org/press
IGNITE teamed up with Rock the Vote and Cosmopolitan for
#VoteTwice, a campaign to get young people registered to
vote and to the polls for the primary and midterm elections.
Designer Rebecca Minkoff created a concert-style tee for
the campaign that lists all the 2018 primary election dates
on the back. Celebrities and influencers across the country
promoted #VoteTwice.
Thank you for investing in IGNITE. When you support these programs,
know that the impact lasts a lifetime thanks to the Alumni Network.
Warm regards,
Leanne Bolaño
IGNITE Alumni Ambassador
IGNITE Alumni 2014
Cecilia Silva
IGNITE Alumni Ambassador
IGNITE Alumni 2017
For a full list of press, visit ignitenational.org/press
Left to right: Actress Bellamy Young (Scandal), Actress Shannon Purser (Riverdale), Actress
and Model Shantel VanSanten (Shooter), Actress Vannessa Vasquez (East Los High)

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