Who Will Tell His Story? - Page 3

What will happen, as we struggle to
I. The world is asking a desperate
make sense of this season of
change? What will we learn about our
interior lives, as we try to get through
A voice calls to me from the Seir
these days? How will we make sense
mountains in Edom,
of the transformation of all that we
“Nightwatchman! How long till
took for grated in our pre pandemic
daybreak? How long will this night
last?” (vs 11 MSG)
People are wondering when things
This suggests that God has managed
will bounce back.
to get the world’s attention. People
are seeking an answer from God as
In addressing a crisis for God’s
never before, and they are seeking
people in his day, the prophet Isaiah
him through those who claim to know
shares the insight that recovery is not
always about bouncing back.
Sometimes it means bouncing
II. The question can only be
addressed by those with spiritual
insight. “Watchman...”
In the message, we saw three stages
of the question and answer session
The inquiry is not made to the
between the prophet and his times
scientists, doctors, economists,
and ours.
politicians, media, or the college


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