Who Will Tell His Story? - Page 4

The question is addressed to the
Keep asking, keep coming, Keep praying.
“Watchman,” the ancient name for the
That is the prophets final and best
prophet. The
watchman is a visionary and a sentinel
calling others to be on the lookout for
In these tempestuous times, let us
trouble on the horizon. By extension,
follow the guidance of the prophet
every Spirit filled disciple of Christ is
Isaiah and continue on our knees in
one who is on the look out for the ways
God is working in the world. Every
believer is called to watch and pray
(Matt. 26:19).
O Lord Jesus Christ, we praise you for
III. Prayer is the only answer that can
your gospel of forgiveness, healing, and
be given
cleansing. We acknowledge your good
gifts which have blessed our lives in
Inquire ye... (vs 12)
countless ways. We believe in your love
and your healing purpose for all your
It’s as though God is sitting at his desk
children. O Jesus, lover of our souls,
writing our story and has just penned a
bring to your servants wholeness and
sentence in the conditional future
restoration of body, mind, and spirit; we
perfect tense. It suggests that what is
pray in thy name and power. Amen.
happening now cannot yet be
interpreted, will have to be worked out,
and will make different sense later in
some as yet unknown future date.
“What I am doing now you may not
understand, but it’s purpose will be
revealed if you keep coming back for
an answer.

Friendship Baptist Church


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