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The Henig furs story
In 1920, Henig Furs opened at 251 West 30th St. in
By 1950, the Henig label made its debut at
New York City. Max Henig emigrated from Romania
Miller’s Fashion Specialty stores and was also
three years earlier and brought to Americas his
associated with Danziger’s. John also traveled
expertise in fur manufacturing, a skill he learned from
the Southeast unveiling the latest furs at trunk
his father in Europe. Max sewed every fur by hand, a
shows. In 1977, his son Mike, the fourth
tradition passed down to his son, John Henig Sr., who
joined the family business.
During World War II, John was stationed in Fort
Benning, Georgia, where he met and fell in love with a
generation of Henig furriers, became a partner,
and the two expanded the business through
wholesale manufacturing and leased
departments in stores across the country. They
young lady named Eunice Hayes from Florala, Alabama.
began opening their own stores and today have
The two married in 1946. Eunice preferred to be near
more than 20 locations throughout the
her southern roots, so John decided to bring his
Southeast, including temporary holiday locations
father’s fur trade south and opened the fur
and hotel shows, a national presence on the
department at Montgomery Fair. This began what
ecommerce site, and fur factories all over the
would become the largest fur company in the
Southeast, and one of the biggest in the nation. 

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