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Hollywood Stars & Hits
Richard A. Colla
100 Rifles
Burt Reynolds and Raquel Welch star.
When a mad bomber attempts to extort
money from the city, Boston’s 87th Precinct
is on the case. Armed, dangerous, and totally incompetent, no tactic is too outrageous
for this goofy, ham-fisted squad who will
stop at nothing to solve this high-profile
case and save their city.
USA. 1972. 92 min. Color. English.
Tom Gries
Blu-ray $29.95 Sale $17.97 DVD $19.95 Sale $11.97
Harley Cokliss
In 1912 Mexico, a native revolutionary
Yaqui Joe (Burt Reynolds) robs a bank
to buy arms for his oppressed people,
but finds himself sought by an American
lawman (Jim Brown) and the Mexican
Army. An intense and muscular western,
bursting with rousing nonstop action and
humorous charm.
Burt Reynolds is back as Richard Malone,
an ex-CIA whose dreams of living the
quiet life soon goes up in smoke when
he stumbles onto a military conspiracy
led by a local millionaire and rightwing
zealot, played to sinister perfection by
Cliff Robertson. Add Lauren Hutton as
Malone’s ex-partner and lover whose next
CIA assignment is to snuff Malone.
USA. 1969. 110 min. Color. English.
Blu-ray $29.95 Sale $17.97
Joseph Sargent
1987. USA. 92 min. Color. English.
Blu-ray Only $29.95 Sale $17.97
Gator (Burt Reynolds) is serving time when
he learns that a corrupt sheriff (Beatty) has
framed and killed his baby brother. Swearing vengeance, Gator agrees to go undercover to expose the dirty sheriff, going to
any lengths to get the goods and make him
pay for the crime.
100 Rifles
USA. 1973. 101 min. Color. English.
Blu-ray $29.95 Sale $17.97
DVD $19.95 Sale $11.97
Arnold Laven
This tongue-in-cheek western is a tale of a con
artist cowboy (Burt Reynolds) who allows a
seductive widow (Angie Dickinson) to take
advantage of his thievery in return for love.
Filled with wit and seduction, this western
shows Arnold Laven’s true mastery of multiple genres.
USA. 1969. 96 min. Color. English.
Blu-ray $29.95 Sale $17.97
DVD $19.95 Sale $11.97
Sergio Corbucci
Burt Reynolds
Burt Reynolds stars in this lusty, gutsy action western about a fearless Indian with
a relentless vendetta. A band of outlaws,
headed by Duncan (Aldo Sambrell), sweeps
across the country destroying everything
in its path, including an entire Indian village. Then a renegade Navajo named Joe
(Reynolds) foils their plans by relocating the
money and attacking Duncan with an unforgettable vengeance.
In this sequel to White Lightning, Burt
Reynolds brings us a tale of broken friendships and loyalties. When asked to go
undercover to expose his childhood best
friend, Gator McKlusky (Burt Reynolds)
is faced with a consequential decision that
could alter everyone’s future.
USA. 1976. 115 min. Color. English.
Blu-ray $29.95 Sale $17.97
DVD $19.95 Sale $11.97
Navajo Joe
Spain-Italy. 1967. 93 min. Color. English.
Blu-ray $29.95 Sale $17.97 DVD $19.95 Sale $9.95
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