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Offbeat & Upbeat
David Steinberg
Comic icon Dave Foley (TV’s The Kids
in the Hall) delivers a hilarious performance as Nelson Hibbert, a bungling
executive furious over not receiving a
promotion. On-the-lam mishaps ensue after his boss is murdered and he
is pinned with the evidence.
USA. 1997. 92 min. Color.
Blu-ray $29.95 Sale $17.97
DVD $14.99 Sale $8.97
Modern Girls
Jerry Kramer
Kelly (Virginia Madsen), Margo (Daphne Zuniga)
and CeCe (Cynthia Gibb) have three things in
common: they’re roommates, they’re gorgeous
and they’re hooked on the glamour and excitement of L.A.’s rock and roll nightlife. Soundtrack
featuring the music of Depeche Mode, Chris Isaak,
Club Nouveau, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Toni Basil, The Call, T.K.A., Icehouse and many more.
1988. USA. 84 min. Color. English.
Blu-ray Only $29.95 Sale $17.97
Dennis Feldman
God help us all! James Belushi and John Ritter
push the comic envelope in this genuinely off-thewall comedy about an improbable mission between
the CIA, the KGB, and of course, visitors from another planet! The fate of the entire world lies in the
hands of a brilliant, charming cad of a secret agent
named Nick Pirandello (Belushi), who has to barter
for global salvation with aliens seeking a highly secret glass of water! Writer Dennis Feldman made his directorial debut.
USA. 1987. 85 min. Color. English.
Blu-ray Only $29.95 Sale $17.97
Michael Ritchie
Dan Aykroyd is running the asylum as a mental
patient turned talk-radio shrink in this comedy
co-starring Charles Grodin, Donna Dixon, Walter
Matthau and Chevy Chase. Asylum inmate John
Burns (Aykroyd) fills in for a stressed-out Beverly
Hills celebrity psychologist (Grodin) as the host of
a call-in radio advice show.
USA. 1988. 97 min. Color. English.
Blu-ray Only $29.95 Sale $17.97
Keenan Ivory Wayans
A hilarious soul cinema comedy that blows the
70s Blaxploitation films out of the hood! Writer/
director/star Keenen Ivory Wayans (In Living Color) co-stars with Bernie Casey (Steele Justice), Isaac
Hayes, Jim Brown, and more. A decorated war
hero returns to the ghetto finding his hometown
in shambles and his brother dead... Spade swears
revenge against the local kingpin and sets off to enlist an army of original gangstas.
U.S. 1988. 88 min. Color. English.
Blu-ray $29.95 Sale $17.97 DVD $11.99 Special $7.99
Tom Mankiewicz
John Candy leads an all star cast including Mariel
Hemingway and Raymond Burr in this hilarious
romp! When screenwriter Jack (Candy) clumsily
bumps his head, he wakes up in the small town of
Ashford Falls, the setting of his popular show. But
what begins as a nightmarish scenario turns into
the opportunity of a lifetime as Jack finds he can
control the events around him by writing them.
U.S. 1991. 96 min. Color. English.
Blu-ray $29.95 Sale $17.97 DVD $11.99 Special $7.99
Mel Brooks
Mel Brooks takes his hilarious brand of comic lunacy to the streets–literally–with this warmhearted
comedy about a rich man who wins back his humanity by losing everything else he’s got! The hilarious cast includes Jeffrey Tambor, Stuart Pankin,
Howard Morris, Rudy De Luca and Billy Barty.
USA. 1991. 92 min. Color. English.
Blu-ray Only $29.95 Sale $17.97
Michael Ritchie
James Woods and Louis Gossett, Jr. are a pair
of mismatched partners in for the scam of their
lives. Recognizing a golden opportunity, Gabe
(Woods) bets the town’s powerful boss that his
fighter will defeat ten opponents in 24 hours.
It’s far from a sure thing since Gabe’s fighter
(Gossett) is a cranky, over-the-hill 48-year-old
who has yet to come out of retirement.
USA. 1992. 98 min. Color. English.
Blu-ray $29.95 Sale $17.97 DVD $11.99 Special $7.99
Skott Snider
Scotty McKay (Dean Cameron) is down-on-hisluck beach-bum who used to have it all until he
finds an attractive genie named Jeannie (Ami Dolenz). Jeannie grants his wishes and heeds his every
beck and call until he asks her to transform him
into a desirable supermodel.
US. 1992. 88 min. Color. English.
Blu-ray Only $29.95 Sale $17.97
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