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The Purple Plain
Krakatoa, East of Java
Bernard L. Kowalski
Robert Parrish
Gregory Peck gives a commanding and
convincing performance in this exotic
World War II drama. After his wife is
killed during the Blitz, Forrester (Peck) is
bent on achieving one thing in the war:
his death. But when his plane crash-lands
in enemy territory, he realizes that he must
save himself in order to guide his companions to safety.
USA. 1955. 100 min. English.
Blu-ray Only $29.95 Sale $17.97
Nunnally Johnson
In this post-WWII suspense thriller, an
American GI is abducted by the Soviets
in West Berlin. Col. Van Dyke, a CIA
officer stationed in Berlin, is put on the
case. The GI is the son of an industrialist
who demands that something is done immediately. However, the Soviets in return
are asking for the Americans to turn over
an elderly anti-Nazi activist couple to the
East Germans, who’ll most likely execute
the couple.
U.S. 1954. 93 min. Color. English.
Blu-ray Only $29.95 Sale $17.97
Stuart Heisler
Tony Curtis blends hard-hitting toughness with humor as a Marine who must
battle Japanese soldiers, private demons
and fellow Marines in this gripping
World War II saga. In 1943, in the wake
of the Allied amphibious landing on the
Japanese held Bougainville Island, four
Marines are sent to scout the location of
Japanese minefields.
U.S. 1954. 90 min. Color. English.
Blu-ray $29.95 Sale $17.97 DVD $11.99 Special $7.99
The Epic Adventure that Shook
the Earth to its Core! In Singapore
harbor, 1883, Captain Chris Hanson (Maximilian Schell, Judgment at
Nuremberg) of the Batavia Queen embarks on a perilous search for sunken
treasure off the island of Krakatoa. To
find a fortune in rare pearls he must
confront the most catastrophic volcanic explosion the modern world has
ever felt. This widescreen spectacle
features Diane Baker, Brian Keith,
Sal Mineo, Rossano Brazzi, John Leyton, J.D. Cannon and Marc Lawrence.
USA. 1968. 131 min. Color. English.
Blu-ray Only $29.95 Sale $17.97 DVD $19.95 Sale $11.97
Robert Aldrich
At the end of the Second World War
six German ex-soldiers return to
Berlin and set up as a bomb disposal
group. The pressure of the dangerous
work starts to affect them, the more
so as they have agreed to pool half
their pay so that if only one survives
he takes it all. Jeff Chandler and Jack
Palance play it tough in this nail-biting war drama from Robert Aldrich.
US/UK. 1959. 93 min. B&W. English.
Blu-ray $29.95 Sale $17.97 DVD $24.95 Sale $14.97
Robert Montgomery
James Cagney stars as Fleet Admiral
William F. Bull Halsey Jr. in this
classic WWII semi-documentary
dramatization tracing the days before
the battle of Guadalcanal, in which
Admiral Halsey, Commander of the
South Pacific Forces, makes courageous and crucial decisions that start
to turn the tide against the Japanese.
USA. 1960. B&W. 115 min. English.
Blu-ray Only $29.95
Sale $17.97
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