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Aimee & Jaguar
Gianni di Gregorio
Gianni di Gregorio stars in his directorial debut as a middle-aged man in Rome caring for
his elderly mother. The debt for her condo is
rising, but if Gianni looks after the building
manager’s mother over the holiday, the debt will
be cleared. The situation becomes even more ridiculous when the building manager drops his
aunt off as well, and Gianni’s friend brings by
his mother. Can Gianni keep so many mothers
entertained and from each other’s necks?
Italy. 2008. 75 min. Color. Italian w English subtitles.
DVD $29.95 Sale $19.99
Todd Haynes
Max Färberböck
In the middle of the fierce bombing and
savage purging of the Jews in 1943 Berlin,
a secret love affair blossoms between Lilly
(Juliane Köhler) and Felice (Maria Schrader);
one an unfaithful and lonely Nazi mother,
the other a Jewish rebel living under a false
name. A true story of love in desperate times.
Germany. 1999. 125 min. Color.
German w/ English subtitles.
DVD $29.95 Sale $19.99
Raoul Peck
Based on the true story of Patrice Lumumba,
leader of the independent Congo, director
Raoul Peck (I Am Not Your Negro) uses newly
found historical evidence to breathe life once
again into the story of the ordinary salesman
who grew to become one of the world’s most
vilified leaders and a hero for a newborn nation.
France. 2001. 115 min. Color.
French and Lingala w English subtitles.
DVD $29.95 Sale $19.99
Lixin Fan
Two parents living in China join the rush of 130
million migrant workers journeying to their
home villages for the annual holidays in order
to reunite with their children. Acclaimed for
Chinese-Canadian filmmaker Lixin Fan’s observation of the lifestyle of a fractured family, LAST
TRAIN HOME succeeds as one of the best
blue-collar documentaries of the century.
Canada/China. 2009. 87 min. Color.
Mandarin and Sichuan w/ English subtitles.
DVD $29.95 Sale $19.99
The Sundance Grand Prize winner from the
Oscar®-nominated director of Far From Heaven,
I’m Not There and Carol, interweaves three transgressive tales shot in different styles that build
toward a devastating climax. A film that made
national headlines for its strikingly bold and
progressive imagery, POISON is unsettling, unforgettable and thoroughly entertaining.
USA. 1991. 85 min. Color and B&W. English.
DVD $29.95 Sale $19.99
Caroline Bottaro
A middle-aged chambermaid, Hélène (Sandrine Bonnaire), working on the island of Corsica for a reclusive American (Kevin Kline)
becomes obsessed with mastering the game
of chess, but her ambition starts to worry the
men in her life who think she needs to be kept
in check. A story about a woman who refuses
to let tradition get in the way of her curiosity,
QUEEN TO PLAY is a terrific example of empowerment to women in film.
France. 2009. 97 min. Color. French w/ English subtitles.
DVD $29.95 Sale $19.99
Volker Schlöndorff
In 1944, Hitler gives the order to level Paris
to the ground, lest it fall into the hands of the
Allies. With only hours until the city is destroyed, Swedish Consul General Raoul Nordling (André Dussollier) breaks into German
HQ to persuade General Dietrich von Choltiz
(Niels Arestrup) to save the French capital.
Adapted from the stage play by Cyril Gely and
written for the screen by Volker Schlöndorff
(The Tin Drum).
France. 2014. 85 min. Color. French and German w/ English subtitles.
DVD $29.95 Sale $19.99
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