Lion Street 2017 Annual Report - Page 5

Lion Street had it best year in history financially in 2017 with results exceeding expectations.
The Company met or surpassed its budget across all key financial metrics –premium, revenue
and net income – and approached $40 million in revenue. Furthermore, your Company
continues to outpace its four-year growth plan instituted in 2016—our growth rates remain
significantly above industry averages.
As we embark on 2018, management continues to be focused on driving value for its
stockholders. Your investment as owners in Lion Street has grown significantly over the last
five years with the value of the common stock growing from $0.30 to $1.40. We are in the
process of obtaining a new valuation of the Company, and given the outstanding 2017 financial
results, we expect another meaningful uptick. As you know, the Company discontinued selling
preferred stock to new owners in 2017. New owners now vest in stock through production.
This rise in profitability will allow management to continue to expand Lion Street resources and
services provided to our owners. Your Company continues to re-invest in outstanding meetings,
people, processes and best of breed technology, so your experience with Lion Street is best in class.
Key financial highlights from 2017 include:
• Premium was at an all-time high exceeding $100M
• Revenue of nearly $40M on a consolidated basis
• Net Income grew over 150% from 2016 to 2017
• The Company year-over-year growth in revenue exceeded 60%
• The percentage of revenue growth continued to outpace the increase in operating expenses
In the last five years, your Company has achieved the following:
• Life Premium has increased 145%
• Revenue has increased 332%
• Your Company has made the transition from a start-up company to a stable and
profitable entity
• Grown to 60 employees to support this growth for 160 Owner Firms
• Built and established a robust broker dealer and RIA platform to support owners
In 2018, we will continue to execute on our four-year plan while maintaining financial discipline
and our unique producer-owned culture.
Jim Cahill


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