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D i re c t o r
D i re c t o r
TA Clark Moeller IV who lives in Wichita
Kansas as head of EQ Development.,
a company that is focused on private equity
Mr Moeller has a background in lodging,
commercial and residential real estate development as well as extensive experience
Alice Murphy is the head of academic re- in business operations across a wide variety
search of her family’s investment business of segments.
with investments in agricultural, real estate Mr Moeller has personal investments in
and private equities.
the Canadian and Colorado State markets.
Speaking four languages, she does conduct
research of the role of disenfranchised
women and minorities in all world affairs.
She is the 2017 recipient of several teaching
awards, scholarships and the author of a
forthcoming book; woman, Art and literature in Diaspora.
Ravi Sood is the managing director for
Signal 8 Limited. He is the founder
and primary investor in several businesses
in emerging markets. He is currently
serving as the Executive chairman and
Director of Galane Gold Ltd, Blockchain
Power Trust and Director of Feronis Inc
and ICC Labs Inc.
He founded and was Chief Executive
officer of Navina Asset Management Inc;
a global asset management firm in,Canada.
He led the investment activities of Navina
then Lawrence Asset Management company for it’s inception in 2001-2010.
Shari Modgk-Edwards career spans over
35 years with one of the largest single buyers of beverage alcohol in the world the Liquor Control Board of Ontario.
As the Vice President, Products, sales and
Merchandising, she led a high performance team of 100 category and inventory
specialists, and directed sales of over $5B.
She also developed and led Vintages, the
fine wine department at LCBO increasing
sales fpr, $23M to over $500M.
Her current consulting firms focus is on
breaking down barriers and developing
businesses. She leads through a personal
approach, developed with experience.

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