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flowering room
Eve is the first and only licensed producer in Canada to offer quality clone
plants to the new recreational market
in Newfoundland Labrador.
Healthy vegetative cannabis needs
over 12 hours of daylight (at least
8 hours of direct sunlight) per a 24
hour period.
The moment green leaves meet the
light the vegetative phase has begun.
Our website contains detailed instructions for plant-care of your clones.
Eve ensures their plants get the
proper exchange of gasses, our indoor
greenhouses have state of the art
air exhaust and fans for constant fresh
air movement.
Join our Circle of Eve for on-line exclusive content of plant information.
Stay connected + passionate about
the future of female cannabis in
Eve’s unmodified water maintains a
good pH for maximum quality growth.
The temperature of our indoor greenhouses is 27 degrees centigrade,
an accepted ideal for cannabis growth.
Flowering or budding follows the same
stages for all species, but for different
lengths of time per strain.
The next couple of months aromas
start to develop, and interesting floral
arrangements begin to emerge.

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