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Allie’s Wellness Journey
Allie began her wellness journey 19 years ago.
Her husband had just been deployed overseas
for 12 months in Iraq, and she was at home
caring for their three young children. She had
always been interested in wellness and was
an avid runner but had gained a lot of weight
with her last pregnancy, and just wasn’t feeling
healthy. She decided it was time to make a
change, so she hired a personal trainer to help
her on her journey.
For the next nine months she trained diligently
and lost 80 pounds. She not only felt more
confident in herself, she also felt more energized.
She noticed that, every time she was at the
gym, she would get questions from other gym
goers asking her, “How did you do it?” ‘’What
are your secrets?” “Can you show me how to
do that exercise?” Before she knew it, one hour
would turn into four, and she found herself not
just helping everyone who asked her, but also
enjoying it! That’s when it dawned on her that
this is what she wanted to do - she wanted to
help others through their own wellness journeys.
She credits her own journey as the reason for her
success in helping others achieve their goals. “I
know what people are going through because
I’ve been there myself. I’m able to put myself
in their shoes.”
She studied for a year, completed 180 hours
of training, and passed an exam to receive her
certification as a Certified Fitness Trainer (CFT)
from the International Sports Science Association.
Once certified, she embarked on her journey as
a personal trainer at The Gold’s Gym in Carlisle,

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