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Power Up Your Brain
For many, New Year’s resolutions have already
come and gone. But if you are determined to
make 2020 the very best it can be, consider
resolving to boost your brain power as a smart
way to decrease your risk of developing
Alzheimer’s disease, reverse cognitive decline,
and enhance your overall health and wellbeing.
Neuroplasticity, also known as
cognitive reserve, is the ability for the
brain to function normally despite the
presence of disease. Lifelong learning
increases neuroplasticity and is a
powerful tool for those already battling
dementia to lessen symptoms of
memory loss and improve brain function.
Albert Einstein was ahead of his time when he
said, “Once you stop learning, you start dying.”
Today’s cutting edge research shows that
lifelong learning is a powerful way to promote
brain health, increase longevity, and ensure that
older adults are living vibrant, active lives.
The brain is designed to continue growing
throughout a person’s entire lifespan. But growth
doesn’t happen automatically. Just like we must
work out our muscles if we want to develop
physical strength, we must work out our brain
if we want to promote brain health and vitality.
Paul Nussbaum, Ph.D., a Board-certified
Geropscychologist and Founder of the Brain
Health Center argues that, “In the 21st century,
education and information may become for the
brain what exercise is for the heart.”
Taking active steps to learn new things can spark cell
growth in your brain, create new neural pathways,
repair damaged synapses, and even improve your
mental health. Through the Pathways Institute for
Lifelong Learning®, you can reap all the benefits
that learning brings to the brain.
So don’t let 2020 pass you by. Invite a friend
to join you, let your curiosity guide you, and
enroll in a Pathways Institute course today.
Your brain and your future self will thank you!
“My father was passionate about education and was an avid
supporter of my education at a time when women didn’t
have all of the opportunities we have now. With every
prayer my father offered, he would thank the Lord for the
ability to think and to know. I inherited my father’s love
for learning and so, when I received a mailing about the
Pathways Institute for Lifelong Learning, I was immediately
interested in becoming a member. The courses I took
were interesting, fun, and varied - and it wasn’t long
before I decided to move to Messiah Lifeways to be
part of this vibrant community.“
- Ellen Crompton

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