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After a successful rehab stay, seamless continuity of care upon discharge is very important. And
those leaving Wagner Transitional Care have a number of easily accessible options. Advantage
Home Health Services, as ordered by the doctor upon discharge to home, can pick up where
Wagner Transitional Care and AdvantageCare Rehab leave off. They provide home health care
into a person’s residence, whether it’s on the Messiah Village campus or across town. They can
continue to provide visiting nursing care, physical, occupational, and speech therapy in your home.
Furthermore, Messiah Lifeways At Home can provide additional non-medical care upon the return
to home such as assistance with activities of daily living like bathing, dressing and grooming, cooking,
grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, and even transportation for follow-up appointments. See the
chart below for detail explaining the differences between home health care and home care.
Home Health Care (medical)
Advantage Home Health Services
• C
are is performed by medically-trained
personnel (RN, CNA, etc.)
• R
eferrals come from your physician and
are approved by insurance
• D
uration is limited and based on
physician’s orders and insurance
allowances, working toward specific goals
• N
on-medical services such as housework,
transportation, and companionship are
not included
Home Care (non-medical)
Messiah Lifeways At Home
• A
ides are not certified to perform medical
tasks such as complex wound care and
some types of medication administration
(ie. insulin)
• F
amily members and clients contact the
agency directly; not typically covered
by insurance
• You

determine duration and types of
non-medical services needed including
light housework, transportation, medication
reminders, and companionship
• M
ay include Occupational Therapy,
Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy
Having all these resources available to someone recovering from an injury or illness is a great relief
to them and their loved ones. Whether it’s a major bump in the road or a little detour, having this
synergy of services can help you get back on the road to recovery. On the next page, learn about
some of the caring team members available to help you on your rehab journey back home.
For more information on Wagner Transitional Care, AdvantageCare Rehab and the
admission process, please call 717.790.8201. For Advantage Home Health Services, please
call 717.590.8878. To contact Messiah Lifeways At Home, please call 717.790.8209.

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