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Montessori House
for Children
– Katy and Richmond, Texas
The Montessori House for Children
sprung from Barbara Nelson’s decision
to enroll her three-year-old daughter, Ashley, in a Houston Montessori
school. Nelson and her parents, Robert
and Pam, were struck by the growth
they saw take place in Ashley over her
six years of Montessori education.
“She possessed a certain wisdom
about life and a mature appreciation
for the things that really mattered,”
says Nelson.
After having twins in 1997, Nelson
wanted to be more involved in her
children’s education. She purchased a
child-care center that year and started
with eight students.
“I quickly realized the drastic differences between our child-care center
and the Montessori school that Ashley
attended,” says Nelson. “The center
placed emphasis on teaching children
how to follow directions, while the
Montessori approach was on developing the children from within so they
could become self-directed, self-regulated, and self-motivated.”
Nelson began AMS Early Childhood
Montessori training and was able to
transform her center into an authentic Montessori school in 2003. The
school quickly filled to capacity at 44
In order to serve more students, Barbara, Robert, and Pam began working
to build a larger school. Montessori
House for Children opened in 2006.
The school serves 100+ students, with
two toddler classrooms and four early childhood classrooms. It employs
seven credentialed AMS teachers and
more than 20 support staff members.
In 2016, the Nelsons further expanded
by opening a sister school, Montessori
House Elementary. It is similar in size,
with two large elementary classrooms,

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