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the tour gave Purnell an opportunity to talk directly with teachers and
administrators and find out how
AMS could better serve them. Purnell notes that members stated desires for more guest speakers, assistance with leadership searches
and identifying guest speakers for
local events, more online learning
and other professional development opportunities, and language
translations of
Montessori information.
schools meeting specific indicators
of best practices.”
Purnell describes joining AMS as
“being part of the largest Montessori movement and networking
opportunity in the world.” Members have the power to “foster a
strong movement of change that
will impact public policy, legislative
decisions, and parental choice in
Montessori opportunities,” he
involved says. “There is
power in voice,
as we evoke the
and we plan to
that voice
realm of possibilities, amplify
in all aspects of
dream without
mainstream meand research
limitations, and make dia
Partly as a result of that tour,
Purnell spoke
about a few
exciting shifts
that we can
look forward to
the world a better
at AMS. “We
place for our future!” Purnell
are exploring
talking with anyways to provide
one who has a
more services
passion for Monand better support to our individ- tessori education. He urges those
ual members, schools, and teacher with comments or questions to
education programs, and to ensure contact him directly, either through
consistency of learner outcomes LinkedIn (Timothy Purnell, EdD),
among our TEPs,” he says. “We Twitter (@drpurnell), or his TimeTwill also be separating the con- rade account.
cept of school quality from school
membership. I’m sure we’ve all “We are listening to your concerns
seen subpar Montessori schools and are making adjustments to betwith AMS membership certificates ter support the great work that you
hanging on their walls, which might are doing,” says Purnell. “Become
indirectly connote quality; this is involved as we evoke the realm of
something we will be addressing. possibilities, dream without limitaAlong with this, we will be bringing tions, and make the world a better
heightened awareness to member place for our future!”

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