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the opportunity to add a full gymnasium, dining area, commercial kitchen,
library and technology area, and creative makers’ labs for each classroom.
Originally established as a 501(c)(3)
nonprofit, Archgate has stayed true to
that mission for more than 30 years
and remains governed by a Board of
“[Nonprofit status] changes the approach and the decision-making,”
says Bernard. “Everything we do is
about education. Everything is made
for the students, for the teachers, and
for the school, to make sure we can
follow the best practices possible.”
Following a co-teaching model, Archgate employs two certified guides
in each classroom who partner with
each other in leading their students.
Bernard says that most Archgate staff
members stay with the school for an
average of 10 years, but it’s not unusual for some to stay much longer. The
founding teacher is now preparing for
retirement after 32 years with Archgate, and another teacher is celebrating a 30-year anniversary
Bernard was working in
special education when she
discovered the Montessori method, which clicked
with her immediately. “It’s
perfect for every child,”
she says. “I’ve been in the
administration portion of
Montessori ever since,
because that’s where my
passion is. The teachers
provide the magic and the
classrooms are where it happens; I get
to share this with the parents and the
public. I’ve been here at Archgate for a
decade, which seems like a long time,
but I’m still new when you look at the
commitment of the people who are
here. In the pattern of the school, I’m
just getting comfortable. It is a privelege to be part of this school community.”
To make sure things stay fresh for the
students, Archgate creates opportunities for newly emerging Montessori
professionals and interns as well. “We
couple all of the experience of our
teachers with new and exciting energy, and all of that together allows us
to provide a high-quality educational
foundation to our many students!”
says Bernard.

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