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The Board was pretty impressed.
Starting a high school was another
whole bunch of years of dedication
and inspiration and hard work, but
it’s been pretty fun.”
Donahoe’s passion for Montessori
secondary education is obvious,
and after spending years giving
workshops all over the world, she
came to accept that she had valuable tools to share with others.
Through the Feminist Leadership
Academy in Cincinnati, she conducted a yearlong project designing
what a Montessori secondary education training program for teachers
might look like. In 2003, she began
the program, called Cincinnati Montessori Secondary Teacher Education Program, or CMStep for short.
In its first year, CMStep trained
about eight teachers. Last year, it
trained 80.
spend time with family. She now
acts as a remote consultant for
Clark and Director of Professional
Development for CMStep, and she
has moved to Asheville, North Carolina, where she can spend more
time with her two granddaughters.
“I’m looking forward to eventually getting bored,” she says with a
laugh, “so I could see what might be
on the other side of that boredom!
But the work in Montessori at the
adolescent level is still so pioneering and compelling, I’m not sure I’ll
ever get to that point.”
“People are recognizing that the
work isn’t finished when kids are
12,” says Donahoe. “There’s been a
growing interest in middle and high
school across the country. I think
our [program] has grown out of that
need, but also because we’re doing
really interesting work in terms of
giving teachers the tools to be successful.”
Over the past few years, after giving so much of herself to Clark and
CMStep, Donahoe has found a happy medium that allows her to stay
involved while taking advantage of
opportunities to write, teach, and
Meet Marta at the fall TIME
Conference, and hear her speak
about Maria Montessori’s work
toward peace education.

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