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How and When to Tell Your Kids about Sex
not teach your child how to understand and live by its guidance in the area
of sexuality? Why not establish yourself as the trusted expert to whom your
child can turn to hear God’s truth about sexuality?
The God’s Design for Sex series is designed to help parents shape their
children’s character, particularly in the area of sexuality. Sex education in
the family is less about giving biological information and more about shaping your child’s moral character. The earlier you start helping your child see
himself or herself as God does, including in the area of sexuality, the stronger
your child will be as they enter the turbulent teenage years.
How and When to Tell Your Kids about Sex is a parents’ resource manual
in which we offer a comprehensive understanding of what parents can do
to shape their children’s sexual character. The four children’s books in this
series are designed for parents and children to work through together. Those
books are structured to be read with your child at ages three to five (The
Story of Me), five to eight (Before I Was Born), eight to twelve (What’s the
Big Deal?), and twelve to sixteen (Facing the Facts). These age ranges are
not strict formulas; you need to exercise your judgment about your child’s
maturity level, environment, needs, and so forth to decide when and how
to introduce the books.
The four children’s books are meant to provide the foundational information kids need. Further, they are to be starting points for you to build
upon and personalize as you discuss sexuality with your child in an a­ ge-
­appropriate manner. They provide an anchor point for discussions in order
to ­jump-­start deeper explorations. These books help break the silence and
put the issues out on the table.
Don’t simply hand these books to your child to read, because our whole
point is to empower you as the parent to shape your child’s sexual character.
The books are meant to start and shape conversations between you and
your child and to deepen your impact on your child in the area of sexuality.
In this series, we address controversial topics about which Christians
disagree, including masturbation, how far people should go sexually when
they’re dating, contraception, gender identity, homosexuality, and more.
Our goal in doing so is not to presumptuously present our answers as completely right but rather to encourage you to reach reasoned conclusions and
to teach your child as you see fit before the Lord.
We have tried in each book to present information that we believe
children of that age must have, without presenting controversial topics “too early.” Your child may be confronted with complicated and


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