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What’s the Big Deal?
I’m really glad you wanted to talk with me about it. I’ll try
to tell you what I think about this. Then, even though I’m not very
likely to change my mind, I really want you to tell me what you think
about what I’ve said.
Your mom and I have always tried to teach you what we believe
is God’s truth about sex. When a man and a woman grow to love
each other and choose to get married, their bodies are one part of the
wonderful way God made them able to join as husband and wife.
A husband and wife are sharing their bodies completely when their
bodies are fitted together by the man’s penis being in the woman’s
vagina in sexual intercourse. Sharing their bodies should draw them
closer to each other and help build their love. Your mom and I are
strongly connected to each other, and part of that is because we have
sexual intercourse with each other.
God thinks sexual intercourse is so special that he wants us to
keep it only for marriage. He wants us to be filled with love for each
other, and only for each other. God wants marriage to last as long
as you live. It doesn’t always work out that way. Lots of people are
divorced. But God wants a man and woman to have a beautiful life
together for as long as they live.
Some people break God’s law by having sex before they get married. They have sex with people they are not married to. Other people
break God’s law even when they are married by having sex with
someone other than their husband or wife. This makes God very sad.
Sex is so special in God’s eyes that he wants us to keep it only for the
person we are married to.
But what does this have to do with movies?
I’m taking a while to get there, aren’t I? Okay. Movies
and TV programs that show people jumping into bed with each
other while wearing little or no clothes, as well as advertisements


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