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B ut W hy C an ’ t I D o T hat ?
in magazines and on billboards that show women or men with
hardly any clothes on or no clothes on at all, are trying to teach
you something about sex.
Teach me about sex? What do you mean? Movies are fun; it’s
not school!
Yes and no. Suppose there is a movie that has lots of good
chase scenes and car wrecks and so forth, but it also shows a man
and a woman meeting for the first time, sort of liking each other
even though they don’t really know each other, and then they immediately start having sex. The people who made the movie make the
two people look really beautiful, and filmmakers play just the right
music and show just the right things to make it seem very exciting.
And then after the people have sex (though they are really just
actors), it shows them feeling happy about what they did, and there
are no problems whatsoever from what they chose to do. Now, what
do you think something like that would teach a young person like
you who is watching that movie?
Well, I guess it would teach me that what those two people
did was okay. Maybe that it’s something exciting to do?
I think you are exactly right. When we watch a movie or a
TV program, we sometimes forget that it’s a ­made-­up story. What we
watch can really influence us. If it’s a fantasy movie where we are seeing nothing but weird creatures from space, we are probably not very
affected by it. But almost every movie and television program today
shows the same thing: people having sex when they’ve barely met. It’s
always exciting and perfect and rarely has any negative consequences.
After watching these things over and over, we might really begin
to believe that sex between people who have just met is wonderful;


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