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What’s the Big Deal?
that it is a good way to say “I like you” or “I love you”; that sex is
always exciting; that people never get hurt by having sex, or get a
disease, or get pregnant. We know this is a lie. Yet, if we watch such
things all the time, we may find it harder to believe the truth.
But I think I could handle it!
Let me ask you a question: What would happen if you tried
to lift weights that are too heavy for you?
I guess I might think I could do it, but I could hurt myself
trying. What does that have to do with movies?
Think of it this way. You are sort of like an athlete who is
facing the biggest contest of your life just a few years from now. I
am your coach who is trying to help you build up your strength and
endurance for that big contest. I would be a very poor coach if I let
you take on too much at this point in your training.
If you try to lift weights that are too heavy for you, you can really
hurt yourself, maybe even permanently. Maybe you will be able to
handle those heavy weights later, but only if you work with lighter
weights now. I want you to be ready for the big contest that is going to
happen when you are a young adult. To give you the best chance to be
ready for that big contest, I am trying to protect you now from anything
that would make you less strong later. What do you think about that?
What are some ways in which the programs and movies we watch
and the things we read can change how we think about sex, God,
family, and other things?
How are people hurt by looking at “dirty” pictures?


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