GodsDesign Sampler FULLSAMPLER-compressed - Page 104

What Does God Think
about Gay People?
Dad, what do people mean when they call someone “gay”?
A boy at school said that his uncle is gay. Some of the kids giggled
about it.
Okay; I’ll do my best to explain, and you can ask any questions you want.
Some men and women are homosexual. Gay is a word that some
people use to describe a man who is homosexual. A woman who is
a homosexual is called a lesbian. Some people use the word gay to
describe both men and women who are homosexual.
Now let me tell you what the word homosexual means. I hope you
can see how your mom and I love each other; we express that love
physically by kissing and holding each other because we feel strong
feelings of love for each other. God gave us the gift of sex to share


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