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What’s the Big Deal?
together as the very closest we can get to each other physically. God
made us so that it is natural to want to hug, kiss, and even have sex
with the person you are attracted to. Most people are only attracted
to and fall in love with people of the opposite s­ ex—­men with women
and women with men. It is common today to call this being heterosexual. “Hetero” means other or different, so combined with “sexual,”
it means the person feels sexual feeling for the other sex.
But just because it is natural for most people doesn’t mean that it
always happens that way. “Homo” means same or alike. Homosexuals
are people who find that they are attracted to or even fall in love with
and want to kiss, hold, and have sex with people of the same sex. For
example, a gay man is a man who desires sex with other men, but
not with women. A lesbian is a woman who desires sex with other
women, but not with a man. For them, that’s what feels normal.
Some other people describe themselves as bisexual, which
means they are attracted to both men and women. Sometimes when
people talk about folks who are “gay,” they mean everyone who’s not
But wait a minute! You told me that having sex meant that
a man’s penis goes into a woman’s vagina. How can a man have sex
with another man when neither of them has a vagina? And how can
a woman have sex with another woman when neither of them has a
That is a great question, but I can’t give you a complete
answer because it is too complicated for you at your age. The basic
answer is that they cannot have sexual intercourse the way a husband
and wife do, and so they find other ways to stimulate each other’s
genitals so that they feel good. And some of them say that this is just
as good as sexual intercourse for them.


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