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What’s the Big Deal?
No, that is not what it means. As I understand it, this means
that we show who we love by what we do. Some people continue to
break God’s rules by doing things God says not to do. Those people
are showing in their actions that they don’t really love God or accept
Jesus as their Lord and Savior. That is why your mom and I think
that it is a bad choice for people to have sex outside of a marriage
between a man and a woman.
The Bible teaches that God meant for us to fall in love with,
marry, and have sex with a person different from u
­ s—­a woman with
a man and a man with a woman. That way, we can have children.
That way, we can show the world in our marriages what God’s love
is like. If we don’t get married, for whatever the reason, God wants
us to not have sex but to remain a virgin, a person who has never had
sex. A single person living a life devoted to God is a model of God’s
love and faithfulness for the world in the same way.
But why is anyone homosexual?
That may be the hardest question of all. Maybe you are
really asking two questions: Why do people feel that way? And why
do people act that way?
Why do people feel that way? It seems like most homosexual
people don’t just choose to feel that way. Many say they grew up
with those feelings. No one knows for sure why some people feel
this way when they are adults. A lot of people today say that science
has proven that homosexuals are born that way, but actually, the best
scientists say we really don’t know.
What if I ever feel that way?
I think the most important thing is for you not to worry
about feeling that way. It is sad so many kids worry needlessly about


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