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W hat D oes G od T hink about  G ay  P eople ?
whether they will become homosexual. Not very many people are
homosexual; most scientists who study this issue today say that only
about 3 to 4 percent of ­people—­only three or four people out of
every one ­hundred—­are homosexual.
When you go through puberty and are a young man or a young
woman, you will have lots of feelings that are hard to explain and
that you are not very comfortable with. Lots of people have feelings
that seem like homosexual feelings when they are teenagers, but they
grow up to feel the normal feelings for a husband or wife. The teen
years are full of strong feelings that don’t last.
One specific example might be a girl who has a friend that she
really likes and who is really quite beautiful. They might be together
at a party or a sports event or a youth group meeting, and when
something exciting happens, they spontaneously hug each other.
With all the talk about sexuality today, the girl might confuse the
affection and joy of friendship and the pleasure of hugging a person
you really care about with homosexual feelings. There are a lot of
labels that are applied today to feelings that are just part of the spectrum of normal feelings kids have in puberty.
I think you can expect and not worry about any troubling feelings
you might have in your teenage years, but I would ask you to come
talk with me about anything that worries you. It can help just to talk
about it. Most of us go through a rocky period when we’re young. It
feels like our bodies and our emotions don’t make sense, but we must
go through it so that we can grow into the adult God wants us to be.
What if someone feels like a homosexual? Does that mean
they have to have sex with another homosexual?
There are Christian men and women who feel those feelings
and choose to obey God by not having sex at all. This is the way God
wants all people who are not married to behave, and many Christian


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