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What’s the Big Deal?
men and women now and throughout history have lived beautiful
lives like this. And there are some people who have such feelings or
even lived as a homosexual for a while, and then God healed them
so that they could have a normal marriage.
But there are many homosexuals who act as homosexuals, who
“live the gay lifestyle.” God does not want this, but they do it anyway. Some do it because they do not believe in God or his rules,
and they think that if sex is only for pleasure, they can have sex with
anyone they want. Some believe in God and in Jesus but believe
that the Bible is wrong in what it teaches about how they should
act, or they claim it doesn’t really teach that this is wrong. Some
do it because they need someone to love, and the only person or
people they can find to love are other homosexuals. Some do it
because their lives are very empty and sex is the only joy or reason
they can find to live.
But if it’s wrong, why can gay people get married?
Sam, for many years most of the people in our country
were Christians, and so they assumed that marriage was only for one
man and one woman. They made laws on that assumption. With
fewer Christians, more and more people began believing that sex was
for anyone who wanted to do it and that there is no reason for the
government to stop people from getting married, even if they’re the
same sex. So the Supreme Court said that gay and lesbian people can
get married too. But we believe the Bible teaches that only one man
and one woman can get and be married.
You and I need to remember that God loves homosexual people.
Jesus died for them just as he died for you and me. We do not agree
with what they are doing; God says it is wrong to live as a homosexual. But they should be treated like all other people, with great
love and great respect.


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