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How and When to Tell Your Kids about Sex
How and When to Tell Your Kids about Sex:
A Lifelong Approach to Shaping Your Child’s Sexual Character
This book is the parents’ comprehensive resource manual for the God’s
Design for Sex series. We take on the hardest subjects, such as sexual abuse,
gender identity, and homosexuality, helping you to know when and how
to bring up these subjects. Our goals for How and When to Tell Your Kids
about Sex are to

help you understand your role in shaping your child’s
character, including his or her views, attitudes, and beliefs about
instruct you in the twelve key principles for Christian sex education
in the home and how to implement the strategies and tactics
suggested by these principles;
familiarize you with the challenges that your child will face from
secular culture and empower you with strategies and skills to help
them overcome those challenges;
ground your understanding of God’s view of our sexuality;
equip you and your child to explain and defend the traditional
Christian view of sexual morality in these modern times;
examine each major developmental stage of your child’s life and
share ­age-­appropriate information and approaches;
address directly the most complex issues you and your child
might or will face in today’s culture in a manner grounded in
biblical thinking and also informed by the best contemporary
explore how you can most powerfully influence your child to live a
life of sexual chastity; and
equip you to provide your child with the strengths
necessary to stand by their commitment to traditional Christian
As you read the following descriptions of each of the books for your
child, please know that the concepts and issues presented in each of these
books flow directly from the background provided by this foundational
parents’ guide.


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