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G od G ives the G ift of S ex
It was God’s idea that Adam and Eve would be able to have sexual
intercourse as husband and wife. In fact, God made their bodies so
that this would be loving and pleasurable and fun for them. It was
God’s design that they be able to have children because they had
sexual intercourse. That was his plan for populating the earth.
God is happy that he made you a sexual being with a unique
brain, a unique body, unique genitals, and everything else that goes
along with your being a young man or a young woman. One of God’s
main purposes for the changes ahead for you is to complete the work
of transforming you from a child into an adult.
You know the story. God made Adam first and put him in the Garden
of Eden to take care of it. Adam had the perfect job in the perfect
place with a perfect relationship with God. If there was ever anyone
who should have been just fine alone, Adam was that guy.
But something was missing. God looked at Adam and said, “It is
not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit
for him” (Genesis 2:18). By “helper,” God did not mean a ­servant—
­he meant a partner and companion for the man, someone whose life
would be knit to the man’s.
God made people with the longing for someone to share their
lives with. When people are children, the love of their families can
satisfy them. This is what families are meant to do. But when children become adults, they want something ­more—­adults want special
relationships with special people who are just for them.
In Genesis 2:20-23 the Bible says that after Adam looked at all
the animals and saw that there was no partner suitable for him, God
made Eve and brought her to him. Adam was so excited about this
wonderful gift from God that he cried out, “This at last is bone of
my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called Woman, because
she was taken out of Man.”


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