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Facing the Facts
The writer of Genesis went on to say, “Therefore a man shall leave
his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall
become one flesh” (2:24).
“One flesh.” What a beautiful way to describe the kind of relationship God wants in a marriage blessed by him! A powerful desire to
be one flesh with another is planted deep inside every person’s heart.
God wanted it to be that way.
No one fully understands what becoming one flesh means, but
we know at least three important things about it:
1. God’s ideal for one flesh is for a man and a woman to
exchange vows of marriage to each other before their families
and their community, to express their love for each other
by sharing their bodies fully with each other by having sexual ­intercourse, and to be open to the possibility of having
2. Though the man and the woman continue to be individuals,
when they marry they’re now more than individuals. They
are a new thing: a unique family created by the union of
their lives.
3. That’s the ideal, but in the Bible, we read the apostle Paul’s
teachings that even the most casual and ugly type of ­sex—
­for instance, a man having sex with a p
­ rostitute—­results in
those two people becoming one flesh in some way. Sexual
intercourse has this power. But it’s clearly not the full thing,
because Paul didn’t say that every man who has sex with
a prostitute is married to that p
­ erson—­he said that both
of them have dishonored God and harmed their bodies
and souls.


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