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Facing the Facts
their children, but the hugs, kisses, and pats they give each other are
different from those they give their children.
God made us so that we have sexual feelings about the people
we romantically love. When a f­ourteen-­year-­old boy thinks about
the girl he has feelings of love for, he may find himself with an
­erection—­a sign of sexual excitement. A ­fourteen-­year-­old girl may
notice a slight wetness in her vagina when she thinks about a boy
she’s attracted to.
This does not mean these teens are thinking about sexual intercourse or even about another person’s ­body—­it only means that God
made people so that our feelings of love and attraction are connected
with how our bodies respond sexually. This connection is a great gift;
later, if you get married, your sexual relationship with your wife or
husband will be a wonderful way for you to express your love.
After you go through puberty, you’ll begin to respond to feelings
of love as a whole person (body, mind, emotions, and spirit), as an
adult. This is something to celebrate and not to be embarrassed about
or feel guilty about.
All these ­feelings—­including the feeling that having sexual intercourse with someone would be ­wonderful—­are part of a natural
response to love. But many teenagers today wrongly believe that if
someone experiences a sexual urge that seems fun or exciting, that
person should go ahead and do it.
Wanting something doesn’t mean it’s right to have it. It’s a good
gift from God when a teenage couple in love are excited by each other
and desire each other, but God doesn’t want them to choose to have
sex. As we discussed in chapters 10 and 11, sexual intercourse is to
be reserved for marriage.
Our question here is Are there ways people can express affection or
be sexual in dating that are okay in God’s eyes?


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