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H ow F ar S hould I G o ?
This is a difficult question, partly because the Bible doesn’t talk
directly about these things. Is that because God doesn’t care what we
do as long as we don’t have sexual intercourse? No.
The Bible doesn’t directly talk about this subject because dating
as we know it today didn’t exist when the Bible was written. Back
then most people lived in very small towns and villages. Even the
large cities of ancient Palestine were small by today’s standards. Many
marriages were arranged, which means that parents would make the
decisions about who their children would marry. Unmarried men
and women weren’t left alone together because it was important to
everyone that they not have sex before they were married. They had
none of the privacy young couples have today. In that ancient culture, God didn’t need to speak of rules for how people should behave
when they dated, because they didn’t date.
But the Bible offers good principles to guide you in your moral
choices. To apply that advice to dating, we have to be clear about
what can happen sexually in dating. Human beings have been very
creative in what they do for sexual excitement and to make their bodies feel good sexually. A couple might hold hands or put their arms
around each other. Even a simple touch on the shoulder or pat on
the back can feel exciting if the person who touches you is someone
you like or love.
It’s very common for couples to kiss when they have feelings of love
for each other. But there are kisses and then there are kisses. A kiss
may be a simple peck on the cheek or the lips. Or instead of a quick
peck, the couple may kiss for a little bit longer.
Then there’s the passionate kissing you may have seen on television or in the m
­ ovies—­during these kisses the couple seems stuck


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