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Facing the Facts
together for minutes. This kind of kissing is called ­French—­or
­deep—­kissing. In this kind of kissing, the man and woman open
their lips and touch their tongues together as well as their lips. Our
advice is to save such kisses for a very special person.
In spite of what happens in movies and on TV shows, most
couples don’t go directly from passionate kissing to having sexual
intercourse. Some couples who are very attracted to each other gradually share more and more of their bodies with each other without
having sexual intercourse. When someone has strong feelings of love
for another person, it’s natural to want to touch the other person’s
body, including the private ­parts—­the woman’s breasts and both
partners’ genitals.
When you let someone touch your private parts through your
clothes or when you touch someone else’s private parts, you’re doing
something much more intimate than just kissing. The intimacy
becomes even greater if the couple begins to unbutton or take off
their clothes so they’re sharing more of their bodies. Instead of touching the other person through their clothes, they may directly touch
the other person’s uncovered breasts or genitals.
Such touching can be more or less intimate. A young man may
briefly touch a young woman’s crotch while she’s wearing jeans, and
while this is intimate, it’s less intimate than if she lets him directly
touch her genitals. Some couples touch each other’s ­genitals—­the girl
rubs the boy’s penis and the boy touches her vagina and ­clitoris—­to
the point of one or both of them having an orgasm. This is even more
intimate, yet they haven’t had sexual intercourse.
One of the most intimate things a couple can do without having
actual intercourse is called oral sex (oral for “with the mouth”). A girl
performs oral sex when she takes the boy’s penis in her mouth and
rubs it with her tongue and lips until he has an orgasm. A boy can
perform oral sex on a girl by using his tongue and lips to caress her


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