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Facing the Facts
In the passages you just read, you can see the following:

Your body is meant for the Lord; it is the Lord’s. In fact, your
body is his temple.
Where there are not explicit laws in the Bible, you are still to
pursue what is helpful and good and are not to be dominated
by anything.
You are to flee sexual ­immorality—­to stay as far from it as
possible (as opposed to pushing the boundaries by asking what
the limits are so you can stop just short of breaking the rules).
You should seek to glorify God in your ­body—­to act with
your body in ways that give glory to God.
You should know how to control yourself and do so.
You should pursue honor and holiness.
These are only two of the many places in the Bible where God
says people should avoid sexual sin and pursue purity. In these passages the apostle Paul shows two basic ways to live your life. One
way God calls holy, honorable, and p
­ ure—­this way of life requires
honoring God with your body and staying away from sinful sex. The
other way Paul calls lustful, dishonorable, and i­mpure—­this is how
God looks at sexual sin.
In Matthew 5:27-30 we read another important principle that
Jesus shared. He affirmed that people shouldn’t have sex with those
they’re not married to but then went on to say, “I say to you that
everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart” (verse 28). From this, we draw
our final principle: What you do with your thoughts is as important
as what you do with your body. Beyond just keeping your body from
doing things that break God’s rules, you should also push back on
desires or thoughts about breaking God’s rules. Such thoughts go
beyond simply recognizing the beauty or even sexual attractiveness of


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