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H ow F ar S hould I G o ?
pressured in any way, immediately report it to a parent or adult.
Young women need to be strong to handle these kinds of threats.
If a person uses threats against you, immediately separate yourself from that person, and if you’re on a date, find another way
Beware of the danger of any situation where alcohol is served.
Women are much more likely to be ­pressured—­verbally, emotionally, and p
­ hysically—­when alcohol is consumed by either of you.
Alcohol lowers your inhibitions, often with bad results. Girls who
are inexperienced drinkers often become more inebriated than they
realize or intend, and many sexual assaults happen then. Of course,
the perpetrator of sexual assault is always to blame for the assault, but
it’s wise for women to take precautions.
No one has the right to force you to do anything you don’t want
to do. Sex without full consent is rape. Most people who make the
threats we mentioned above cannot carry them out, but if they actually do, the things they threaten are not nearly as bad as having
­sex—­being ­raped—­would be.
Threatening your assailant with criminal charges may help; the
minimum age when young persons can grant consent legally is sixteen in the United States. In most states it’s seventeen or eighteen,
and someone older who has sex with a person younger than the age
of consent legally has committed rape.
In extreme cases, you may have to fight back physically. God
doesn’t want you to be a victim. Slap the person, yell or scream, poke
him in the eye, twist his finger until it b­ reaks—­these may seem like
intense actions, but they could help you safely get out of an o­ ut-­of-
­control situation.
We know it can be scary to talk about these things, but by having
a clear idea about what you should and shouldn’t do, you can protect
yourself and keep yourself safe. And the best way to lower the chances
of this ever happening is to know the person you’re with, make it
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