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Facing the Facts
“Are you male or female?” is, in the minds of many today, too simple
a question, or even the wrong question. “What is your preferred gender?” and “What gender best describes you?” are the questions many
of you are more likely to be asked. Possible answers, it is argued, are
not determined by your anatomy, and they aren’t restricted just to
two options: male or female. Literally dozens and dozens of other
gender options, an e­ ver-­increasing number, are being proposed.1
It is important to note that this new view pushes aside our bodily
realities and assumes or argues that it is our feelings, our gut intuitions, our total psychological experiences that rule everything.
This shift is resulting in regulations or laws in some situations. For
instance, there are new public school policies saying the sex of students (even students as young as three or four) isn’t determined by
what it says on their birth certificates, by their genitals, or by what
their parents say. It’s set by the child’s personal “gender identity” and
“gender expression.”
Gender identity refers to a person’s private, internal sense of their
sex. Imagine a third grader named Julie who says, “I’ve never felt I
was a girl; I’ve always sensed that I’m really a boy.” Gender expression
refers to how people show to others through their actions and choices
their internal sense of sex; for instance, Julie shows up at school with
short hair, wearing the type of clothes typical of boys, insisting on
being treated as a boy, and referring to herself as Judd.
It’s not just schools that are changing. Some parents choose to
raise their children without assuming they’re one sex or the other.
They intend to leave the choice up to their children. There are transgender characters in many TV shows and movies, and popular music
frequently celebrates the freedom of people to make these decisions
for themselves.
All of this can be very confusing or unsettling as you’re
growing up.
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