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Facing the Facts
a person of the other sex or of their own defined gender (without the
use of medical interventions).
But advances in medical science have opened up a whole new
range of additional options. Today, those options include

administering drugs to delay the onset of puberty for children
questioning their gender and sex
administering drugs to suppress the hormones produced by
young adult bodies, and administering artificial hormones of
the other sex to push the body toward the desired outcome,
such as a woman becoming more masculine
cosmetic interventions such as hair removal or stimulation of
hair growth
surgery to remove parts of the sexual anatomy that conflict
with the person’s subjective gender identity
surgery to construct artificial sexual anatomy that aligns with
the person’s gender identity
When a person who is questioning their gender takes deliberate
steps toward shaping their actions and even anatomy toward conformity with their gender identity, the person is said to be “transitioning.” A step in transition can be as minor as cutting one’s hair shorter
or growing it longer, or it can be as radical as removing a penis and
attempting to replace it through surgery with an artificial vagina.
We know people who have struggled with this question all their
lives and have experienced great pain because of it. Some have even
considered or attempted suicide. We want to write in a way that’s
respectful of those who have experienced such pain. The best way
we know to be both respectful and loving is to write in a way that’s
faithful to God and his will for our lives.
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