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Facing the Facts
This rare condition occurs in less than one in two thousand babies
born. There are a variety of other rare physical conditions that also
complicate determining whether a specific child with that condition
is physically a male or female. Combining these with intersex condition persons, chances are probably less than one in one thousand that
a child will have such a condition.
Second, there is no single factor that defines a typical male or
female. A “normal” female, for instance, has a vagina and all of the
other external genital structures, plus a uterus, ovaries, and the other
internal structures, plus normal levels of estrogen and the other
female hormones, plus enlarged breasts and the other secondary sex
characteristics, plus brain structures and connections typical of the
average female, plus she identifies as a female (gender identity), plus
she acts like a female (gender expression), plus she is sexually attracted
to men (sexual orientation).
With this many factors determining sex and gender, what happens when those factors do not all point in the same direction? The
passionate argument of the community of people who call themselves various versions of transgender is that when people consistently,
deeply, and sincerely experience gender identities that don’t line up
with their physical characteristics, it’s their identities and their experiences that take priority. Some might say they’re men trapped in
women’s bodies (or the reverse); others say their gender identities are
more fluid, and so forth. They argue that the depth of these feelings
demands that we accept their experiences as legitimate and recognize
them as something other than male and female.
There are three basic arguments in response: First, humanity has
almost universally recognized the distinction of male and female as
fundamental throughout its history and has seen the union of one
of each as the core requirement of marriage and family. The reality
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