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Facing the Facts

Finally, we also believe the Bible tells us why things go wrong
and confusing exceptions occur: It’s because humanity rebelled
against God. Sin has twisted and broken everything: our hearts,
minds, bodies, and world. Nothing about our world or us is
“normal,” the “normal” God intended. Sin has twisted and broken everyone; we are all twisted and all fail to be what God
wants us to be. Those who do not struggle with gender identity
can’t be the proud “normal” ones pointing fingers. We have to
be humble ones who say, “I’m so blind and broken I can only
know what is right and good, and what’s not, by the light of the
Bible, God’s Word.”
It’s hard to understand why some people don’t identify with
or experience themselves as the sex of their physical b­ odies—­for
instance, the person with a female body who doesn’t have a female
gender identity. Christians will approach such persons believing that
male and female are real, enduring categories, categories for which
there are tragic complications and confusions because of the brokenness of the world. This leads us to see gender identities other than
male and female as reflections of our shared human brokenness and
not as true and good alternative gender identities. Based on these and
other important theological concerns, we approach the area of gender
identity misalignment with compassion, concern, and caution.
There’s so much more that could be said. You face a daunting world.
People whose gender identity differs from their physical sex are our
fellow human beings. They, too, are made in the image of God.
They should be treated with love and respect. But at the same time,
we humbly say that male and female are fundamental categories of
human existence. We believe further that something has gone wrong
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