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M ale O R F emale ? ( or O ther ? )
when a person of one biological sex identifies as some other designation. We can and must show compassion when that happens.
If you’re a person who experiences conflict between your physical sex and your identity, we urge you to prayerfully submit this to
God as a departure from God’s creational intent. It’s important to
realize that your departure starts with things you did not choose: your
genes and your l­ ess-­than-­perfect experiences in your family and social
world. No one asks for such ­mixed-­up feelings.
But at the same time, God has given humans the capacity to make
choices, some big and some small. Know that God loves you. We
urge you over the long term to choose to bring such feelings to God
for his comfort, his insight, and as much healing as he grants. Do
so with people who love you and who are mature in Christian faith.
We also ask you to consider the fact that all of the major mental
health and medical organizations call for extreme caution in consider­
ing the use of powerful drugs or irreversible surgery in response to
confusion about gender identity. They call for caution because such
interventions are truly dramatic steps to take.
These organizations also call for caution because there are so
many ways in which unhappiness and distress, emotional conflict
and suffering, can be mistakenly understood as being just a symptom of a problem with one’s gender identity. In some communities,
there is even pressure from peers and advocates that being straight
or cis­gendered is biased and boring, while questioning one’s gender identity is socially praised and provides an enthusiastic base of
unwavering support.
There are some young people and adults who began the transition
process, even to the point of having surgery, who later recognized
their gender identity was not the real source of their unhappiness. It
was something else entirely. There are quite a number of voices who
say something like “I thought my problems came from being a man
in a woman’s body, but I later discovered that I was a woman who


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