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How and When to Tell Your Kids about Sex
talk about sex. Many Christian parents shoulder the responsibility of parenting alone due to separation, divorce, or death. Grandparents sometimes
must raise their grandkids. We’ve tried to be sensitive to adoptive families
and families that do not fit the mold of the traditional nuclear family, but we
cannot anticipate or respond to all the unique needs of families. Use these
books with creativity and discernment to meet the needs of your situation.
We hope these books will be valuable tools in raising a new generation
of faithful Christian young people. If you follow this plan, we believe your
child will have a healthy, positive, accepting, godly attitude about sexuality.
As an unmarried person, your child will be more likely to live a confident,
chaste life as a faithful witness to the work of Christ in their heart. If your
child does marry, we believe they will have a greater chance of having a
fulfilled, loving, rewarding life as a husband or wife. It is our prayer that
this curriculum will encourage and equip you to dive into the wonderful
work of shaping your child’s sexual character.


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