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The Twelve Principles
of Christian Sex Education
T H IS BO O K I S built
around twelve core principles of Christian sex education. We want to explain our vision of Christian sex education in the family
as we introduce those principles, all of which we will expand on later.
PRINCIPLE 1: Sex education is the shaping of character.
Many parents mistakenly think that sex education primarily is about
providing biological information. No wonder we shy away from the
task! We’re not experts in sexuality and biology, so how can we even get
We can start because giving our children information is only part of the
job. Sex education, above all else, is about shaping a child’s character. We must
shape the values, attitudes, and worldviews of our kids, particularly shaping
their moral understanding of sexuality and how it is to be used. We must
provide children with the emotional strength they will need to make godly
decisions and instill in them the skills to implement the good decisions they
make. Most importantly, their behavior will spring from their hearts, which
will be formed by their personal relationship with and devotion to God, so
influencing their spiritual growth is a top priority.


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