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How and When to Tell Your Kids about Sex
Bible in Genesis 1 and 2 are wildly positive (see Genesis 1:27-28 and Genesis
2:18-25). God the Father and Creator made ­humanity—­the first man and
­woman—­as physical and sexual beings, male and female created equally in
God’s image. He made them (and us) so that the one man and one woman
could be blessed to form an exclusive and lifelong marital union, to unite
sexually and become “one flesh,” and to experience the joy of sexual and
personal union. They could also conceive and raise children. We even learn
in the New Testament that Christian marriage serves as an earthly model of
Christ’s love for his bride, the church (see Ephesians 5:25-33). Yes, the Bible
has to warn us that God hates sexual immorality, but this negative message is
grounded in a profoundly positive reality.
PRINCIPLE 7: Stories are powerful teaching tools.
As you have these conversations, don’t forget the teaching tool Jesus used so
effectively: the story. The power of the media is grounded in their powerful
practice of telling stories. Why teach your children only lists of dry concepts like “immoral sex can have bad consequences” when you can have a
powerful impact by sharing with them real stories that engage their hearts
and emotions? We start, of course, with Bible stories, but we add to these
the stories around us about real life, such as the difficulties faced by a person
who cannot have children due to a previous STI.
PRINCIPLE 8: You can and must “inoculate” your children against
destructive beliefs.
Try as we might to teach our kids the truth and nothing but the truth, the
distorted beliefs of a world that has lost its balance will filter into the hearts
and minds of our children. Will they be prepared?
All parents know that a mild exposure to germs, whether in the form
of a medical immunization or an exposure to r­eal-­world germs, can help
activate a child’s immune system to fight off infection. In contrast, providing an environment that is too antiseptic (too much antibacterial hand
soap, antibiotics, air purifiers, and so forth) can actually make a child more
vulnerable, not less, to infection.
In direct parallel, we parents can expose our children to the types of
destructive moral messages they will eventually encounter anyway. We
do this to help to strengthen our children by taking the surprise out of
the destructive message and assisting the child to know how to counteract it.


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