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G ender I dentity and S exual O rientation : O ur  B est C ounsel
The authors of these Standards describe “a change in the perception of
the child in ­general—­now perceived as a subject.” This might seem benign,
but their definition of a “subject” is stunning: “The child is thus understood to be an independent person with specific competencies and needs,
inter alia in respect of his/her forms of expression of closeness, sensuality
and (bodily) curiosity. The potential of the child needs to be adequately
fostered.”15 They say, in other words, that quite apart from the values and
beliefs of the parents, it is the job of the ­state-­education establishment to
see the child as independent from parents and thus the state’s job to foster
the sexual potential of the child as the child defines it!
Parents must be vigilant about what ­sex-­education curricula are teaching children. Collaborate with your church and with a growing group of
Christian organizations in strategizing how to preserve your place of primary responsibility in shaping your child’s character and how to effectively advocate for and protect your child from destructive programming.16
Parents can have an impact and make a difference in their child’s understanding of gender and sexuality. Seize every available moment in these
sexually confused times to affirm and empower the appropriate sexual identity and orientation of your child.
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