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The Dangers of Technology
T EC H N O LO GY I S A N I N T EG R A L PA R T of our lives and culture, but it can
have damaging implications in the area of sex and sexuality. It’s crucial for
parents to be aware and help guard their children against the dangers of
technology. In this chapter, we deal with three serious risks technology poses
to children: victimization by sexual predators, sexting, and pornography.1
Sexual predators may be a parent’s worst nightmare, but the likelihood of
your child becoming a victim is low. Nonetheless, it is a possibility, so let’s
discuss the realities.
There is an increasing array of forums for conversations between people
who have never met, this through the ­ever-­expanding array of ­social-­media
platforms. The anonymity and lack of accountability of social media fosters
lewd conversation and gives expanding opportunities for those who would
victimize others.
The ­social-­media environment mutates rapidly, and parents will have to
adapt to the times. You need to do your research to find out about contemporary platforms, fads, methods, and their risks. One of the best sources of


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