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T he D angers of T echnology
drawn inevitably into mental participation with the actors. Kids digesting
pornography are filling their minds with immorality, and the images can
be indelible. At a time in life when it is vital to be filling the teenage mind
with what is good and true and holy (see Philippians 4:8-9), pornography
programs the mind with what is evil and false and dirty.
Now we turn to several morally relevant practical concerns about
Pornography presents people’s bodies and behavior in ways that are likely to
result in harmful comparisons with our current or future marriage partners.
Pornography presents idealized and surgically enhanced bodies, carefully
made up and skillfully filmed, often doing fantastic and deviant acts, with
the resulting pictures touched up to remove any obvious flaws. The prevalence of surgically enhanced breasts and even cosmetically and surgically
altered female genitals11 constitute standards against which real women
should not be compared.
As with the bodies, so with the behaviors. Such videos normalize
ab­normal actions such as sex with multiple partners, sadomasochistic practices, and more. How can a real marital relationship with a real spouse
under the normal demanding and distracting conditions of life generate
the raw titillation of such depictions?
In reality, loving marital sex is better than pornographic sex, because
it fulfills the intimacy goals that God built into us. Mental comparisons
with idealized physical bodies engaged in extreme and immoral acts can be
devastating to couples, especially to newly married couples who are trying
to build a real relationship.
Pornography almost universally presents a degrading and sexualized view
of women. Pornography presents women’s bodies both as passive objects of
the sexual desire of men and as active and enthusiastic initiators of what
is for most women abnormal and unwanted behavior. Women’s bodies are
torn from the totality of who they are as people and made to stand apart
as objects of lust. Pornography that presents women as the objects of violence, degradation, and torture is particularly repulsive. Pornography often
capitalizes on normalizing the abnormal; it is no accident that the common
presentation of anal sex in pornographic films appears to have given rise to
a surge in the practice among young adults.
Given that so much pornography is of this kind, is it any wonder that
scientific studies are suggesting a possible connection of the viewing of
this type of pornography with the victimization of women? One study, for


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