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How and When to Tell Your Kids about Sex

Pornography can quickly become an addiction that is hard to stop and
can ruin your life for months or years.

Pornography users begin to believe that what they see is what sex with
their future spouse will be like.

By God’s standards, the acts on the screen are immoral, and the viewer
is participating in them—behavior that must be a profound disappointment to God, who gave us our sexuality as a beautiful gift for
the future.
Teach your child appropriate skills for Internet use. Teach the child that
he or she is likely to be exposed to pornography on the Internet early on.
Warn your child that purveyors of pornography are actively recruiting
interest from anyone using the web through all of its delivery platforms:
personal computers, tablets, smartphones, and any digital device connected to the web. Teach the child how to recognize spam from porn
Inform your child to be alert to and wary of Internet conversations
that turn in a sexual direction through any ­social-­networking platforms.
Conversation over the Internet tends to be rather more unguarded and crass
than normal modes of communication, and kids need help discerning the
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