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T he D angers of T echnology
difference between someone being direct and something that is alarming.
The best idea is for kids to communicate on the Internet only with other
kids who they know ­personally—­and who you know.
Clear the environment. Do what you can to set up the environment in
which your children use technology to minimize temptation. By doing this,
you build supports around them. Some simple steps can help control what
comes into your home:

Cancel cable channels that broadcast questionable shows and movies.

Implement strong parental controls of what comes in on your TV.

Emphasize accountability.

Have your children use their digital devices in a public place, such as
in the family room, doing so in such a way that you might be able to
periodically check on their activity.

Be extremely judicious about giving your children smartphones, tablets, and other forms of independent access to the web. If possible,
make this a privilege to be earned through demonstrated capacities to
use these devices wisely.

Ask or encourage your children to report and talk to you about
in­appropriate incidents on the Internet. Our kids are especially vulnerable when they step out from under the umbrella of our oversight
and visit the homes of friends whose parents may have little commitment to restricting access to pornography.
Controlling what your kids see in the homes of other kids is more complicated. Stay informed and knowledgeable about where your kids are, who
they are with, and what the arrangements are for supervision. Ask parents
hosting your child what they do to monitor, control, and prevent exposure
to pornography. Get a discussion going and foster some shared responsibility for limiting exposure of kids to porn.
Use parental controls and filters. We recommend the use of filter programs that make access to pornographic materials harder. These programs
and providers change often, so we cannot make recommendations of specific programs. There are helpful websites dedicated to protecting children;
for instance, Focus on the Family21 recommends the educational approach,
offering resources from the National Center for Missing & Exploited
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