GodsDesign Sampler FULLSAMPLER-compressed - Page 94

What’s the Big Deal?
Suggestion to families: If your child is a good reader, ask him
or her to read the parts where Sam and Amy are talking, while
you, the parent, read the Mom and Dad parts. All of the material
covered is important for both boys and girls. These written conversations will hopefully start even more conversations between
your child and you about God’s design for sex.
Dad, what’s the big deal about sex? Why do people talk and
joke so much about sex, like on TV and stuff?
It’s confusing, but I will try to explain it as best I can. First,
sex is a wonderful and beautiful gift from God. Beyond the many
ways in which we are similar, God made men and women, girls and
boys different from each other in marvelous ways. Our bodies are a
gift from God. When husbands and wives share their bodies together
in sexual intercourse, it is only one of the ways they share their love,
but it is a special and powerful way. So sex is a big deal because sex
is a marvelous gift from God.
But that’s not what I mean. People aren’t talking about sex
because it is a gift from God!


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