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What’s the Big Deal?
I know! And I’m glad you are thinking about this enough
to see that! But regardless of what others say, sex is important in
everyone’s life because God made us men and women with special
and different bodies. God made sex, so it is a big deal.
But people make such a big deal about sex mostly for bad reasons,
not good ones. For instance, sex is a big deal because when people
don’t use God’s gift the right way, bad consequences often result.
When people use the good gift of sex the way God meant it to be
used, it is much more likely to have a beautiful and wonderful result.
Sex is a big deal because so many people can be and are hurt by sex.
Hurt by sex? How? What kinds of bad things can happen?
Here’s one example. Whenever a couple has sexual intercourse, the woman might get pregnant. A baby might start to grow
in her womb. If the man and woman are married, usually this is a
happy time. They feel like celebrating and it draws them even closer
together in love.
But if the woman who has sex and gets pregnant is a ­fourteen-­year-
­old girl, usually she is not happy. She may have to raise a baby without a husband. Her whole life ­changes—­her dreams about finish­ing
high school, dating, going to college; everything changes. God meant
for pregnancy and giving birth to a child to be wonderful, something
worth celebrating. But having a baby is something that many people
dread because they didn’t save sex for marriage.
Misusing God’s gift of sex also spreads some diseases.
Because sex brings people so close together, one partner can catch
a disease the other partner has. Did you know that if a man and a
woman never have sex with anyone except each other, that husband
and wife have almost no chance of ever getting any diseases from sex
at all? But because so many young people today are not waiting to


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